Our friendly and dynamic team needs a talented freelance Event Master who has:
  • Good command of English and Polish
  • Enthusiasm and passion about events
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Flexible working schedule availability
About the job
Playing a key role at the events, the Event Master ensures a great guest experience, overseeing the event timeline and team's seamless communication. The Event Master is responsible for the fun atmosphere of joy and involvement of our guests.

You can see the job ad over here as well:,oferta,1001093052?s=307cbbd9
Job responsibilities
Prepares the studio for the event according to checklist (including equipment, dishes & cutlery, blackboards, etc.)
Is the main point of contact at the event, should there be an emergency; immediately reports the emergency to supervisor
Facilitates the event as host and master of ceremonies, actively communicating with guests and working with a microphone
Timely and efficiently solves event emergencies and resolves conflicts
Controls and supervises correct cooperation of team members during the event
Communicates to the event organizer regarding event details or any changes from the client's side
Controls the timing and event organization and communicates to the team
Oversees the team's and guests' compliance with the company's hygiene and safety standards; immediately reports the breaches to supervisor
What we offer
  • Contract : contract of mandatory or B2B contract
  • Salary: fixed 250 PLN net for 1 event (6 hours), freelance can count on 5 - 20 events per month
  • gaining experience in event management;
  • Cozy atmosphere in Culinaryon studio, 600m2 of space, in the very center of the city - Three Crosses Square. Our services, the studio as well as the entire building are premium. You will surely feel like the star of a culinary project on a global scale here;
  • international team;
  • in a day you work we invite you for our family friendly dinners prepared by our Star Chef;
  • Membership to premium fitness club- Holmes Place in Hotel Hilton.
Job details
Job type
entry or mid-level
Preferred level of experience
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